Thursday, April 28, 2011

Wedding Daze

It seems like every time I turn on the tv or open my laptop there is new details about the royal wedding!Today it has been all over the place. Maybe it's because the wedding is tomorrow! Kate Middleton is one lucky girl. A fact that I'll bet is not lost on her. I know I have always dreamed of being a princess but, honestly who hasn’t? it’s every little girl’s dream. Even though I probably won’t marry royalty, that doesn’t mean that my wedding won’t be a fabulous event. I already have everything picked out. And I do mean EVERYTHING! haha. My wedding colors are white and pink. Here’s an idea of what I see my big day looking like:

candy buffetbridesmaid-colors

The Dress: it’s no secret that the wedding dress is the most important thing on a girl’s wedding day. I have given a lot of though to my wedding dress and I want a ball gown. The bigger the better. lol.
ball gown 
It’s from Vera Wang’s new collection. It’s perfect! I even like the sash. I may have to buy that too! I have decided that I don’t want to wear a veil. I want to wear something sparkly in my hair.

My Bridesmaids’ dresses. I am not going to be a bridezilla that wants her wedding party to look terrible. I certainly don’t want someone who looks a mess standing next to me. haha.
These dresses are perfect! and how cute is this picture?

flowers! I want pink and white roses everywhere. I really want white roses with dyed pink tips. something like this:

and finally the perfect cake. in  keeping with tradition. it has to be covered with pink and white roses. I came across my dream wedding cake and I will definitely be holding on to this picture. I want this cake!

All right enough about weddings! I know everyone thinks I’m crazy but my wedding day will one of the most important days in my life. it has to be perfect.

love and rockets,
kristen <3

quick side note: I have picked out my first dance song. It's going to be "i knew i loved you" by savage garden


  1. You are crazy... Is there a groom for this fictitious wedding??? Or will only Prince William do?

  2. I actually prefer prince harry! lol.